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In the world of accounting, problems with staffing can be Really Challenging and slow down the company. Don’t worry, we have some helpful tips that will make a big difference for your accounting team and give them more freedom. Find out how new tools, advanced technology, and training are helping accounting firms reach new heights of efficiency and productivity. Say goodbye to traditional limits and join the movement toward a brighter, more successful future for your accounting company. 

Challenges Accounting Firms faced in the Post-Pandemic Economy

Outside problems like new client requests, more pressure to follow the rules, and changes to tax laws.They also have problems on the inside, like a decreasing supply of skilled workers and the need to use technology more to get things done.

Even though the basics of accounting haven’t changed, the ways to do things and the skills needed to do them are. Today, firms put most of their attention on four things: efficiency, customer service, growth, and ability. The size of the company can change the order of these objectives. Your company’s size can alter how rapidly you use the same solutions in your plan.

2. Changing Priorities when Hiring Accounting Staff

as you help clients deal with more complicated tax law changes and compliance measures, the skills and abilities you need to have changed. Clients want help with their taxes, advice for their businesses, financial planning, making decisions, and HR/organizational support. With more and more high-profile accounting scandals in the news, accountants have more reason to be extra careful, which raises worries about overworked and inexperienced staff. Staff members need to be more up-to-date and pay more attention.

Even though there is a growing trend in business toward financial incentives like better pay and sign-on bonuses. For example, KPMG said it would spend $160 million on raising pay to keep its employees. Many businesses can save money by automating their processes and workflows to make them better.

Several of the problems are being solved with the help of technology. People are using new financial tools to automate and even replace tasks that used to be done by entry-level workers. Our 2023 Tax Professionals Report said that “one-third (33%) of firms automate up to 25% of their tax workflows, about one-quarter automate among 26% and 50% in their tax workflows, and nearly any other one-third (29%) automate extra than 1/2 of of all in their workflows”. Large firms are the exception. Half of them (51%) say they only automate 25% or less of their operations. This means that the total rate of automation is lower.

How to use technology to address Staffing Challenges 

Companies are turning to tools and technology to help automate their workflows. This gives their employees more time to learn new skills, retrain, and grow.. You can deal with a number of problems if you have the right tools, technology, and training plan.

  • Cloud-based systems take away the need for talent and clients to be in the same place.
  • Streamlining makes things work better, faster, and more accurately.
  • When automation goes up, people have more time to focus on services that add value.
  • Skill gaps are filled by training or by using tools to do the work.
  • Less money can be spent to get better customer service.

Tools, technology, and training can help your firm to reach growth and goals. Modern job seekers want flexible work schedules, which is easy to give them if you use cloud-based tools and hire more people who can fill different roles.

The CPA Evolution initiative aims to update the CPA license to reflect the changing skills needed to practice accounting. Firms that want to grow put training at the top of their list of priorities because it helps them gain new skills that bring in new clients, give their current clients more value, and increase their fees.

Is Training a Solution for Staffing Challenges 

staffing problems can be solved with a plan that includes tools, technology, and training. This plan can also help meet the goals of efficiency, customer service, growth, and talent. Using cloud-based tools that let people work from home or in different ways can help attract younger workers.When more technology processes are automated, it frees up resources that can be used to improve customer service and offer more business advice services. And training helps bring in new hires, improve the skills of people already working there, and make Tools and technology can be used better and for less money than hiring more people and paying them more. 

Training is the most important thing for both small companies that can’t afford to buy new technology and big companies that need to improve the skills of the people they already have. At every level, companies are adopting and putting into place new teaching methods. Programs like the CPA Evolution initiative, which is a joint project between the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), help to fund new projects.

By requiring a wider range of skills, embracing on-the-job training, offering flexible work arrangements through cloud-based tools, and drawing from a wider pool of talent, your company will find more chances.


Tools, technology, and training are the key to overcoming accounting staffing challenges. By embracing automation and cloud-based software while investing in continuous professional development, your firm can achieve unparalleled efficiency and success.

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