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Collect documents, send invoices, manage deliverables, and serve your clients easily.

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To help you WIN MORE WORK,
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Client Portal and Workflow: Built for Accounting firms

For your clients:
A complete modern client portal and mobile app.

For your team:
Easily manage workflow, client communication, track time, and more.

For you:
Full visibility to everything in the firm.

ProcessWurks Client Managment Software for Accountants

No matter the size of your business, you’ll be dealing with customers in every shape and form. Having a tool that supports your workflow can reduce manual tasks significantly and buy you time to improve your relationship with clients.

Here’s how you can collaborate seamlessly with your clients

Lead Board

Visualize the stages of your sales process and track prospects from lead to client conversion.

Source Filtering

Filter leads based on their source, allowing you to analyze the effectiveness of different marketing channels.

Search Functionality

Easily locate specific leads by name or other criteria for quick access to their information.

Lead Details

Capture and store essential client information, including contact details, business emails, and phone numbers.

Communication History

Track all interactions with your prospects, including calls, emails, and text messages, in a centralized location.

Activity Log

Maintain a detailed record of client-related activities and tasks, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate effectively with your team by assigning tasks and sharing notes within the software.

Appointment Scheduling

Seamlessly schedule appointments with prospects, with automatic integration into your email calendar.

Conversation Overview

Easily review conversation history with individual prospects, simplifying client follow-ups.

Automated Follow-up

Trigger automated email sequences based on lead status, ensuring timely and personalized communication.

Why ProcessWurks Client Management Portal?

Streamline your entire clientflow

Stop switching tools for every task. As a full clientflow management platform, ProcessWurks helps bookkeepers and accountants manage client communication, scheduling, and billing from one central hub.

Showcase what makes your business unique

Make your services stand out with branded brochures, online invoices, proposals, and questionnaires that fit your accounting business and win clients.

Let clients sign, pay, and book you faster

Send online invoices for frictionless billing and let automatic payment reminders do the follow-up for you. Plus, sync with Sripe

Turn more prospects into clients

Stay organized and grow your firm with a smooth and efficient software solution tailored to your needs

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    Take Control of Your Client Management Workflow

Effortlessly add and manage clients, including multiple businesses/entities.

Maintain a clear overview of engagement letters, document requests, and billing information. You can also Improve client satisfaction with streamlined processes and prompt service.

Features you’ll love,


Efficiently manage client profiles and information for smooth onboarding.


Streamline the billing process with invoice generation, payment tracking, and flexible billing options.


Track and manage client deliverables by assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and monitoring progress.

Time-Sheet Reports

Generate comprehensive time-sheet reports for accurate billing and insights into project efficiency.

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    Track and analyze your sales activity in real-time

Get a real-time view of your entire sales pipeline on a visual dashboard.

Access detailed reports on sales activity, productivity, and individual performance. Then use those insights to track and spot opportunities for growth.

Features you’ll love,

Lead Board

Centralized view of leads with essential details, sorting and filtering options for prioritization

Conversations Tracking

Log and track all communication with leads and customers for comprehensive relationship management.

Sales Pipeline Management

Visualize and manage the sales pipeline with real-time tracking of leads and their progress.

  • 03

    Fuel Your Marketing Efforts

Track and manage leads from various sources such as referrals, social media, website inquiries, and more. Then monitor and optimize your sales process, ensuring follow-ups, meetings, and conversions are efficiently managed.

Features you’ll love,

Form Builder

Easily create and customize forms for lead capture and data collection.

Funnel Management 

Visualize and optimize your marketing and sales funnels for improved conversions.

Performance Monitoring

Effectively manage leads, deals, and opportunities through different stages of your sales process.


Set up custom domains for landing pages, forms, and surveys to maintain a consistent brand presence.

Custom Value

Capture and store additional data points specific to your business needs for personalized communication

Survey Builder

Create and distribute surveys to gather feedback and gain insights into customer preferences.

  • Strengthen Client Relationships

Track every interaction
Add activities to record notes from meetings, phone calls, and emails.

Know every client inside and out
View each client’s preferences, activities, appointments, and transactions, all in one place.

Drive client loyalty by staying in touch
Automate your outreach strategy by turning common messages into saved templates and sending emails directly from dashboard.

What Special about our Client Managment Software?

We have, Everything you need to work smarter

One client = One dedicated workspace

Benefit from a dedicated unified workspace, which gathers documents, deliverables, tasks.

Communicate efficiently and in real-time

Ease communication within your clients and Improve collaboration with your team

Mission management

Manage tasks online, track tasks progress and move work forward. Plan and strategise with reports and metrics.

Why Accountants Love Us

Empowering Accountants and Bookkeepers Around the World

300 hours 

in saved admin time per staff member per month.


saved with more time per staff member per month.

5 minutes

to create an engagement letter with automation down from 1 week of work.

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