What is ProcessWurks Anyways?

ProcessWurks is your solution to manage front-end and back-office operations related to Marketing, Sales, Client Onboarding, Client Work Deliverables and Operations for Accounting FirmsTHE OPERATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FOR ACCOUNTANT FIRMS.

An Operation Management Software is…

Not a project management tool, a CRM, an ERP, or a time-tracking tool for your business.

At ProcessWurks, we haven’t just created software for you to use in your business—we have created a solution that helps you run your business better.

ProcessWurks is an operation management software that helps you plan, monitor, and coordinate your service operations. It also allows you to digitalize the daily workflows of involved employees (e.g., Operations Managers, Planners, Supervisors, and Project Managers) to identify and mitigate operational process bottlenecks.

ProcessWurks' innovative approach provides the following benefits:

How ProcessWurks helps you to run your business better?


Whether launching a new funnel, Facebook & Google ads campaign or creating surveys, experience how ProcessWurks helps accounting firms to automate marketing and get more done.

Funnel Builder

Seamlessly coordinate funnel creation, surveys, and ads campaign throughout different ad platforms.

Ads Reporting

Get access to all the ad reports on one platform, whether Google ads or Facebook ads.

Marketing Automation

Power up your marketing team’s productivity with trigger automation, custom workflows, and email marketing integration.


The biggest challenge accounting firms face nowadays is onboarding more clients. Even the big accounting firms depend upon mergers and acquisitions to increase their client base. ProcessWurks is carefully designed for sales enablement. From nurturing leads to closing deals, use ProcessWurks for sales workflows that end in a collective win for your team, company, and customers. Now hit that gong!

Here's how it works

Lead Board

Use ProcessWurks lead board for a simple and actionable way to keep track of your leads and close new business. You can create your custom workflows to close leads depending on lead generation channels. Have all your lead information a click away.


Don’t let your sales teams struggle to remember what matters—bring the power of conversation intelligence to your sales team with ProcessWurks.

ProcessWurks allows your team to get valuable record data from all sources such as emails, SMS, and telephony. With ProcessWurks, you have all your sales data and valuable insights in one place.

Have Sales at accelerated speed…

ProcessWurks is a sales acceleration tool for accounting firms and is a strategic initiative to have more sales conversations, shorten the sales cycle, and close more deals.
We aim to speed up sales by automating administrative tasks and streamlining sales processes.

Client Onboarding

Have a dedicated onboarding process for bookkeeping, CFO services, and tax planning clients.

Client Deliverable

Best solution for client deliverables. ProcessWurks is designed according to CPA firm workflows.


The Work feature under client deliverables in ProcessWurks, enables you and your team to go from collecting documents to tax-filing seamlessly. You can create your own workflows as per your bookkeeping and accounting styles or choose from 15+ workflow templates designed for tax planning, monthly bookkeeping, CFO services, and many many more.

Time Sheet reports

Our timesheet reporting tool allows you to run your team remotely from anywhere. It is best attendance Monitoring and Timesheet Software.

  • Maintain Schedule Adherence
  • Reduce Unaccounted Absenteeism
  • Optimize Capacity Utilization

Firm Operation

ProcessWurks runs your accounting firm for you. We have dedicated dashboards and features for the following operations:

Top features that you will love


Visual Sales Pipeline

Define lead stages and view your entire sales pipeline at a glance. Automatically push leads to the next stage based on activities.


Custom Reports & Dashboards

Use 100+ reports and custom dashboards to measure everything important to you – from campaign performance to sales closure rates.


Seamless Operations

Identify critical tasks, create repeatable workflows, and automate your entire organization. Create perfect client deliverables tailored to your audience’s needs—and get them done faster than ever!


All-In-One Software

ProcessWurks is an all in one software to manage your firm operations that helps you to replace 100s of software used in marketing, sales and client relationship management that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Good bye guess work,

Say hello to business efficiency!

Enhance client experience across your practice

With our CMS software Collect documents, send invoices, manage deliverables, and serve your clients easily.

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