Building Strong Client Relationships in 2023: 7 Tips for Accountants and Bookkeepers


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Strong client relationships are vital for business success. Beyond technical expertise, accountants and bookkeepers need trust, communication, and exceptional service. In this blog post, we’ll share seven practical tips to strengthen client relationships. From clear expectations to going the extra mile, these strategies will help you retain existing clients and attract new ones. Let’s explore how you can elevate your client relationships!

How to Build Strong Relationships With Customers?

Like most companies, accounting is built on strong relationships between people. Here’s all the information you need.

  • What is a good relationship with a client?

We talk about what a good relationship with a client looks like and list the things that make a good business relationship.

  • Pros of having good relationships with clients

Strong relationships with clients are good for both your accounting company and the client.

  • How do you get to understand a person better?

We tell you everything you need to know to build a good relationship with a client.

  • A good way to talk to clients

A good working relationship depends on people being able to talk to each other well. Here’s how to talk to people in a good way.

  • Getting people to trust you

We look at the kinds of things that can help clients trust us.

  • Keeping in touch with long-term clients

We talk about how to build and keep long-lasting connections with clients.

  • Getting to know people from a distance

We explain how to build and keep good business relationships with people who are far away.

Why it is so Important to Have a Relationship With Customers?

For a business to be successful in the long run, it needs to work well with its customers. Having a robust link based mostly on a settlement with and communique makes clients enjoy extra steady and more associated with a brand. It can also increase the number of customers who stick with you and buy from you again.

Customers Like Being Heard

Customer engagement is crucial for building relationships and influencing purchasing decisions. 73% of humans take into account purchaser enjoy as a critical issue of their shopping for choices. Interactive marketing tools, like quizzes and surveys, can enhance customer engagement and create memorable experiences. Quizzes can lead clients to find out new merchandise and growth common order value.

Requesting feedback through post-purchase surveys or emails validates customer opinions and fosters a sense of community. Providing an immersive buying process helps customers connect with businesses and increases their likelihood of returning. Prioritizing customer engagement and leveraging interactive tools drive loyalty and brand growth.

The Power of Building Customer Relationships for Retention

Building significant consumer relationships results in elevated consumer retention.86% of customers with an emotional connection to a brand are more likely to live loyally. Also, if a person has a good experience with your brand, they are more likely to tell their friends and family about it. Millennial Marketing says that 68% of customers are willing to tell a friend about a name brand. When you supply a patron with a high-quality experience, your brand call grows, and so does your following. Word-of-mouth is a very powerful tool, and not just when it comes to well-known celebrities. Many people accept what their closest friends say.

Clean for humans to speak approximately your brand. This can be done with a clever “guerrilla marketing” strategy that gets people talking about your brand, or it can be done in a simpler way by giving friends and family referral bonuses or discounts.

Getting New Customers is Expensive

Acquiring new customers is expensive while retaining existing customers proves more beneficial. Harvard Business Review states that acquiring a new customer can be 5 to 25 times more costly than retaining one. Customer retention outperforms other revenue drivers like acquisition and innovation. Increasing retention rates by 5% can boost profits by 25% to 95%.

To foster precious client relationships:

  • Offer informational live streams and sneak peeks.
  • Share insights into business plans.
  • Maintain constant communication for exceptional service.

Simplifying customer engagement builds lasting connections that customers desire. Prioritizing retention reduces costs, increases profitability, and cultivates loyalty.

7 Tips For Building Solid Relationships With Accountants And Bookkeepers

With a few good strategies and habits, you can build deeper and stronger ties with your clients. Use these tips to get along better with your clients:

Check-in Regularly 

Talk to your clients often to make sure that your business is meeting their wants. If they ask for help or support, give it to them, and keep in touch even if they have everything they need.

Prepare Solutions

Before starting the job, think about any problems that might come up and come up with solutions. When you have ideas for how to fix problems before they happen, you can keep the project on track better.

Honor the Time

Both your time and the time of your client are important. Set clear, consistent dates for meetings, deliverables, and other parts of the project.

Be Patient

Some clients may change their minds about where a project should go. Several things could cause production to slow down. Stay gentle and positive with everyone during the whole process.

Pay Attention

Really hear what your client says when they tell you what they need or want. Meet their wants and deal with any worries they bring up. Remember what they say and come back to it later to strengthen the friendship.

Quickly Answer

Answer phone calls and texts right away. If you don’t know the answer to a client’s question, answer it anyway and let them know you’re looking for it. 

Provide the Next Steps

Make sure the client always knows what the next step is as the job goes on. It’s nice to know what to expect, so letting clients know what to expect from the next phase of the job can help them.

7 Effective Ways to Build Strong Client Relationships

Well, here is a sneak peek at the seven steps we anticipate are maximum important for constructing strong ties with clients!

  • Learning about your customers 
  • Communicating well with your clients 
  • Taking pride in being the expert
  • Keeping a good mental mood 
  • Not making it all about business 
  • Getting results that are better than expected
  • Asking for feedback

Let’s get into the facts!

Learning about your customers 

Take the time to recognize your client’s needs, preferences, and goals. This knowledge will help you tailor your services and provide personalized solutions.

Communicating Well With Your Clients 

Establish clear and open strains of communication. Actively listen to their concerns, provide timely updates, and ensure they feel heard and valued.

Taking Pride in Being the Expert 

Demonstrate your knowledge and enterprise knowledge. Offer insights, guidance, and innovative solutions that showcase your skills and build trust with your clients.

Keeping a Good Mental Mood 

Maintain a wonderful and expert mindset while interacting with clients. A positive demeanor fosters a pleasant working relationship and instills confidence in your abilities.

Not Making it All About Business 

Show genuine interest in your clients as individuals, beyond the business context. Build rapport, remember personal details, and foster a friendly and supportive connection.

Getting Results That are Better Than Expected 

Strive to exceed your client’s expectations by delivering exceptional service and achieving outstanding results. Go the extra mile to demonstrate your commitment to their success.

Asking for Feedback 

Regularly seek feedback from your clients to understand their satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement. Act on their feedback to continuously enhance the client experience. By following these steps, you can effectively build strong client relationships based on understanding, communication, expertise, positivity, personal connection, exceptional results, and continuous improvement.


In conclusion, building strong client relationships is vital for accountants and bookkeepers. By implementing the 7 tips mentioned in this blog, you can foster trust, enhance communication, and exceed client expectations. For more information and resources on this topic, please visit the website ProcessWurks. Invest in building lasting connections with your clients and watch your accounting or bookkeeping practice thrive.

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